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  • Olive Louise Releases New Song “Moroccan Oranges” from Debut EP “275 Kings Point Road”

  • New York-based singer-songwriter Olive Louise released a new song “Moroccan Oranges” from her debut EP “275 Kings Point Road” on April 28, 2023.

    The song is inspired by her mother's passing and is about the shock and emptiness that she felt after losing her mother.
    It was written and produced by Olivia Louise Handler with co-producer Marky Style, NicoTheOwl, and OLIVENHARRISON.
    Olive Louise said of the song, "The song is about the summer I traveled to Morocco and Paris with my dad and sister after my mom passed away. It's about the dissonance I felt looking at my dad trying to hold it together and make us feel okay, knowing that even though we were seeing stunning views, and trying new foods, and were there together, we felt completely shattered.”
  • She continued, “What's harder for me is how unexpectedly it can hit me even years later. I watched an old video of my mom playing the piano the other day and I wished that she could play the piano again. She was so jipped and so young. I was suddenly inconsolable. I hadn't ever thought about it that way. The loss really feels like a wound that is always there and sometimes I might accidentally bash against a corner and open it up again, but never the same way and I can't ever know when or exactly what will do it.”
    The new EP is titled for the place where she grew up the actual Main House of The Great Gatsby estate.
    She said, “I used to think that home was an address 275 Kings Point Rd. And that without a place to tether my memories to, our love would have no place to live. But love is not bound by walls and concrete and brick. It is not gone because the house we lived in was left to crumble and got torn down. I remember you turning the lights off before bed, and kissing my forehead. And the sound of you playing the piano echoing through the house. And I remember us living here but your love lives in me. And I will always feel you. In everything good and growing. And I don't need a place to feel that.”

  • The EP comprises 3-track. “Garden” is a letter to her parents, a wish, that they are both together and that they will one day all be together again.
    “The Cure” is about the actual Main House of The Great Gatsby estate where she was raised and into the dilapidated remnants of what could have been and what was.
    Olive Louise said of the EP, “This is an EP about the love my parents gave me in this life. The memories of them that I replay over and over in my mind. It is a thank you to them for being the most wonderful example of honesty and character and how to treat those you love. They set the bar high and I want to be a living example of that. In the end, everything real leads back to love and my biggest wish is that after listening, you feel that.”
  • source : Apple Music
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