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  • Hot Milk Announces Debut Album “A CALL TO THE VOID”, Premieres New Song “HORROR SHOW” on BBC Radio 1

  • Manchester-based emo pop band Hot Milk, consisting of Han Mee and Jim Shaw, announced their debut album “A CALL TO THE VOID” would be released on August 25, 2023.

    The album comprises 11-track, featuring guest appearances from Julian Comeau and Loveless.
    The band said of the album, ”A modern analysis of the dichotomy between the darkness of the inner world and the darkness of the outer world which inform our personal world views and realities. Joy, commonality, the exertion of powerful feeling and energy exist somewhere in between. In this record we journey through all these feelings, some being specific moments and some being more abstract,,, all of them in relation to being on the precipice of trying to understand the dark side and void that exists inside us all. Cause and effect? Effects turn to cause? There's always a voice in your head telling you to jump and for us, that ledge has become worn from our feet. L'appel du vide.”
  • From the album, the band released the first single called “HORROR SHOW” along with a music video.
    The song received its first play during BBC Radio 1's Future Artists with Jack Saunders.
    The track was written by Zachary Joseph Cervini and Hannah Mee. Produced by Zakk Cervini and James Shaw.
    The band said of the song, “To those on the outside of the lives that we lead, we may look odd, scary and different,,, so what? In their eyes we may be damned, lost, rebellious, and less than. This song accepts that difference, embraces it, and shoves it back in their faces. Built to be obnoxious and written to be purposely aggressive, 'Horror Show' combines our loves of drum n bass n dirty riffs. fuck it, where are who are like it or lump it.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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