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  • Mica Millar Drops New Music Video for “Trouble”

  • Back in June 2022, Manchester-based soul singer-songwriter Mica Millar released her highly-anticipated debut album “Heaven Knows”.

    The album contains 14-track, written and produced by Mica Millar.
    From the album, she has dropped a new music video for “Trouble” directed by Matthew Boone. The song is the 6th track of the album.
    The video follows the journey of a man's life from childhood to adulthood as he carries and attempts to offload his metaphorical karma in the form of a suitcase.
    Mica Millar said of the video, “The idea for this video was originally inspired by my grandad's story. He had a bit of a 'colourful life', let's say... but the message that he tried to impart on me before he died was that instead of fighting his demons he was acknowledging his mistakes and trying to make amends by doing some good in the world. That was his way of 'repenting' I suppose. That's the sentiment I wanted to convey through the video.”
  • The debut album was made during the lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic and mastered at Abbey Road Studios.
    Also, she recorded the album after rehab for a broken back in 2020.
    Mica Millar said, “I didn't want Covid or my accident to impact my vision for the record. In fact, the time in recovery and lock down allowed me to think bigger and better in the end and ultimately become a much more experienced producer. Working one on one with musicians remotely really opened up the possibilities for collaborating with people I had always wanted to work with (particularly people in the US) and this was so important for being able to achieve both the performances and sonics I wanted for each song on the record.”
    She continued, “You need a lot of self-belief and a strong work ethic to complete a project of this scale independently. I never lost motivation but I certainly had periods of doubt about my capabilities and at times the challenges of this album were completely overwhelming. Finishing the record and overcoming these doubts has been a massively liberating experience. I'm really proud of what has been achieved.”
  • source : Apple Music
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