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  • Gracie Abram Releases Debut Album “Good Riddance”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Gracie Abram released her highly-anticipated debut album “Good Riddance” on February 24, 2023 via Interscope Records.

    The album comprises 12-track, written by Gracie Abram and Aaron Dessner, who is known as a founding member of the rock band the National, and producer for Taylor Swift's studio albums “Folklore” and “Evermore”, both won Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2021 and 2022.
    She recorded at Aaron Dessner's Long Pond Studio in New York.
    Gracie Abram said, “All of these songs are so explicit in terms of saying exactly what I was feeling at the time, to the point that it scares me—it definitely makes my stomach hurt to listen back. But Aaron has constantly reminded me that all the artists I've ever loved have asked themselves that same question of, 'Is this too much?' It's a tough line to walk, but I think anytime you feel something so deeply and you're able to express that feeling, it means that someone else might find connection in it. And that's the whole point of writing songs in the first place.”
  • She continued, “It was like we were creating in a very tiny bubble, which felt like such a safe space to work through what I needed to process in these songs. As I've gotten to know myself better, I've gotten the confidence to do what feels right for my music rather than getting caught up in what pop should sound like or what might be working for other young women in the industry. Breaking out of L.A. and being in a quieter space, I was able throw all that out the window and end up creating something that doesn't really feel like anything I've done before.”
    She added, “I feel a new responsibility to follow the feeling that I had in creating this album, which was one of total independence from the way I'd previously thought things needed to be done in the music industry. The main goal for me now is to continue to live as honestly as I can, so that I'm fully able to keep on writing that honestly.”

  • Gracie Abram explained of some tracks for the album.

    “That line broke my heart when I wrote it, because of how true it felt—I was both relieved and horrified.”

    “I know it won't work”
    “That song is circling the harder questions that come up when something is ending, like fighting between trying to satisfy the other person and doing what you need to in order to honor your truth and not betray how you feel.”

    “Where do we go now?”
    “I wrote that song in an odd state of shame about having tried to make something work that clearly wasn't working anymore,” she says. “It was scary to write, but I also felt so fulfilled by the sound we created and how nothing about it felt forced.”

    “We recorded that vocal and guitar in one take. It came from a feeling that was very fragile, and I wanted that fragility to be reflected in the sound instead of weighing it down in any way.”

    “Difficult” via Rolling Stone
    “Being in my early twenties, I know that I'm only just now scratching the surface of getting to know myself, which is obviously tricky to navigate. I definitely feel hyper-aware of how little I know. In some ways, that part is a huge relief, but occasionally it makes me feel really, truly insane - 'Difficult' came from that place. I remember these lyrics came to mind so fast because they're blue, but they're also really clear. I think there can be both a confidence and a melancholia to realizations like the ones I work through in 'Difficult.'”

    “Fault line” via Billboard
    “The thing with all these songs ('I Know It Won't Work', 'Best', 'Fault Line.') is that they all were written so quickly. The ease at which a lot of the words came out was the painful part, because a lot of what was said in the songs wasn't said directly to the person [they're about].
    I have no idea how anyone will receive the songs, I also do worry about some people thinking a song is about them when it isn't. I don't know how to navigate my personal life and – lucky-enough – job being intertwined so seriously yet. How do you do that?”

    Photo by Danielle Neu
  • source : Apple Music
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