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  • Mourning Coffee Drops New Music Video for “Gemini II”

  • New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Christian Diana, aka Mourning Coffee has dropped a new animated music video for “Gemini II”

    Last month, the song was released as double singles along with “Gemini 1” from his upcoming EP “Above & Below”.
    Mourning Coffee explained, “Gemini's archetype is known as The Twins, therefore I created 'Gemini I' & 'Gemini II'. There is no container big enough for all the different selves we hold. Both songs are the same yet expressed differently, which felt fitting since Gemini governs communication and connection. Both touch on these themes heavily, as the protagonist gets lost in an exchange of words with someone new. Even before meeting them, he's attracted to their energy. Given Gemini's element is air, both versions express a lightness musically, and much like air picks up, both get more intense as the relationship develops. While 'Gemini I' keeps things more intimate like a secret, 'Gemini II' allows itself to be more wild and free.”
    • H_xY4wQ4CK0
    • H_xY4wQ4CK0

    The EP is set to be released on March 2, 2023.
    Christian Diana is better known as former frontman of American rock band The Foxfires.
    He released the two EPs “Reflection” in 2017 and “Introvert/Extrovert” in 2021 as Christian Diana, respectively.
    In 2022, he released the self-titled debut album as Mourning Coffee.

  • source : Apple Music
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