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  • Life In Mono Releases Two New Songs “Blackout” & “Sex To White Noise”

  • British alt-rock band Life In Mono, consisting of Sarah Clayton (vocals), James Davis (guitar), Adam DT (bass) and Mike Gill (drums), released two new songs “Blackout” and “Sex To White Noise” on December 2, 2022.

    The band recorded the songs back to back in one live take. Produced by Bruno Ellingham.
    Life In Mono said, “It's how we've always recorded and it feels organic, authentic and the best representation of us as a band.”
    Two songs are dark yet groovy, musically introspective and “an exploration of the contrast between feeling empty and numb yet full of rage at the same time”, Sarah Clayton explained. “These two tracks have always come as a pair, the early workings of Blackout launched into the riff from Sex To White Noise but it became apparent that it had legs to become something quite remarkable in its own right.”
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    She said of the songs, “Blackout is about people in your life that you know are no good for you but are hard to give up, whereas Sex To White Noise is about trying to find a connection that makes you feel something when you’re feeling really numb. If you’ve ever been on prozac you’ll know!”
    She continued, “The contrast of light and dark have become synonomous with our sound and Sex To White Noise really plays on that super delicate verse and a huge, heavy chorus. What's great about playing it live is for an audience who haven't heard it before they don't know what's coming, but we do. Perhaps they don't expect us to get that heavy but when we do it's like the whole room is on fire.”

  • source : Apple Music
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