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  • Ashley Kutcher Releases New EP “Survive My Own Mind”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Ashley Kutcher released her sophomore EP “Survive My Own Mind” along with a new music video for the title track directed by Anya Salmen on October 21.
    The EP comprises 7-track, written by Ariza, Ashley Kutcher, Bethany Ann Warner, Cate Downey, Holz, Jason Strong and Maggie Chapman. Produced by Ariza and Holz.
    The EP is an emotionally powerful journey that finds beauty in both the ups and downs of life and love.
    “I've spent the past year figuring out who I am as an artist & songwriter. Since my EP I've truly realized what feels the most me, & since then I've been making songs that feel so right,” Ashley Kutcher said of the EP on social media. “There's so many things I haven't talked about fully online yet. One of them being my battle with mental health, specifically anxiety and panic disorder. When it came to writing my second EP, I knew this was what I needed to say. For me, if I was gonna play shows with rooms full of people, this topic would the elephant in the room. Every single one of us is trying to survive something, and music brings us all together.”
    She continued, “I never thought I would be able to do what I do today, travel and get on stage, because of my own head. But I work through intrusive thoughts because I WANT to do this, and I will never let my own head stop me. I've worked through so many of these challenges and - my god is it work. But it's so worth it. This EP is for everyone who has ever struggled with surviving their own mind.”
  • Ashley Kutcher explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “Survive My Own Mind”
    “For most of my life, I have struggled with panic and anxiety. I wanted to write this song so that everyone struggling with anxiety can feel less alone and know that it is possible to survive your own thoughts.”

    “Love You More”
    “'Love You More' encompasses the thoughts and emotions of being stuck in the past. This song is about feeling as if you'll never love as innocently as you did when you were young. Even when you find someone really great, you feel like you're incapable of loving them as strongly as you loved before.”

  • “Sleepy”
    “For the longest time I found it so hard to write a love song,” “I believe I finally put into words what it feels like to be around the right person.” With “Sleepy” she portrays love in its quietest, most intimate moments. “I saved a spot for your head on my chest.”

    “This song is very special to me. I wrote it about feeling entirely overwhelmed. My mind always feels so active, and while it makes me who I am, I wonder from time to time if I feel too much or think too much. Sometimes I wish there was an off switch so I didnt go down a rabbit hole of overthinking just like I'm probably overthinking this post right now but yea I just love this song and I hope you do too. Love u”

    “Nothing's All The Time”
    “'Nothing's All The Time' is about when you think that a feeling is so permanent, when in reality it's temporary. Nothing will be bad or good all the time, and realizing that is when you can find the beauty in both.”
  • source : Apple Music
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