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  • Grace Davies Releases New EP “It Wasn't Perfect, But We Tried”: Streaming

  • British singer-songwriter Grace Davies released her highly anticipated third EP “It Wasn't Perfect, But We Tried” on October 14, 2022.

    The EP spans five years of her whirlwind career and comprises 5-track, produced by Grace Davies and co-produced by Toby Scott.
    Written by David Sneddon, Freeform Five, Grace Davies, Jack Vallier, Katya Edwards, KIN, Rachel Furner and Toby Scott.
    She co-produced the EP with collaborator Toby Scott, but completely self-produced two of the tracks “Windows & Walls” and “Already Gone”.
    “During lockdowns I had to make my own demos and record my own vocals because the studios were shut,” Grace Davies explained. “I've always had a producer's head, just never an engineer's hands. I knew what I wanted, but not how to achieve it. Learning that has given me massive confidence. It's taught me to stand up for myself, both in and outside the studio.”
    The EP is the follow-up to 2021 EP “i wonder if you wonder”.
    She added, “I believe in trilogies and it's a thread that ties the EPs together.”
  • Grace Davies explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “'Breathe' is about reclaiming your power and finding peace knowing karma bites back. I went through a time where I was being moulded into something I am not and I lost myself for a while. What I truly wanted to do and say, both in life and in my music, had been locked tight in a cage to the point where outsiders had more control over my own body than I and, while I was visibly struggling, no one came to help. I'm not a vengeful person. I can move on in a peaceful way, I will not kick or scream, I will forgive, but I wan't forget - so when your ship is going down and there's enough room 2 of us on that piece of wood: I'm rose and you're Jack. Respectfully x.”

    “This is about owning your mistakes and using them as ammunition to power through life. 'You can run, you can hide, but you need to find your way through the fire'. It's a power anthem about recovering after a world of shit was thrown at you and believing that if you can get through that then you're invincible and can get through anything. Having lived with this song for five years, I was excited to get stuck into the production as I'd always had a strong vision for the track”.

  • “Already Gone”
    “I wrote “Already Gone” in 2019, so it's been sitting with me a while. I always knew that it was one of my favorites. Basically, I wrote it about my one and only adult relationship, a person I feel was probably “the one” who I missed the boat with because I completely self-sabotaged and fucked up the relationship big time. I always usually write about boys that have broken my heart. I do the classic, oh, woe is me, but this one is just the complete opposite. It's like, yeah, I had a bad thing and I regret that. I wish that I could change it, but I can't.”

    “Supervillain is about realising the person you viewed so highly and thought was 'superhero' is actually the exact opposite. I wrote it over zoom with pals Jack and Kane and I was really going through the feels of being genuinely shocked that I had been hoodwinked. I ccouldn't understand that this person who I put so much trust into and really thought was 'the one' could be so careless with my feelings and hurt me so bad - and yet I still wanted him??? make it make sense woman.”

    “Windows & Walls”
    “'Windows & Walls' is one of the very few songs I've written that isn't actually about me, though it holds a special place in my heart. Some dear friends of mine ended up getting a divorce after many years of marriage. Having to witness the separation of two people I adore (both individually and together) was painful as a bystander, but pain that they both went through is something I can only imagine. I wrote this from their perspective.”
  • source : Apple Music
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