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  • Alex Amor Releases New EP “The Art Of Letting Go”: Streaming

  • London-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Alex Amor released her sophomore EP “The Art Of Letting Go” on October 14, 2022 via Young Poet.

    The EP comprises 5-track, featuring guest appearance from Manchester-based indie-folk group The Deep Blue.
    The EP represents a shift in focus and a determination to look ahead to the future.
    “'The Art of Letting Go' is a collection of songs dedicated to the universal theme of letting go”, Alex Amor said of the EP. “Letting go of the past, people who hold us back and the things that no longer serve us in life. It's about getting out of your own way, choosing what's best for ourselves and surrendering to the moment, taking each day as it comes. My intention for this project is to help people feel uplifted, more at ease and inspire them to find their own ways of letting go.”
    She shared on social media, “I wrote the 'the art of letting go' last year, in a time when I desperately needed to let go: of the things that were tying me down and the people that were holding me back. the people I spent years trying to please, forgetting to choose myself. but through this writing process, I realised most of the letting go happened internally. I'm not so attached to every thought that pops in to my head anymore. feelings come and they go, and writing this EP helped a lot with that. I hope you enjoy a song or two, and maybe it will help you find your own ways of letting go too.”
  • Also, the EP is influenced by Eckhart Tolle's book “A New Earth”, which delves into topics of non resistance, non judgement and non attachment.
    “It reframed my perspective on loss and life in general,” she said. “Letting go means surrendering to the present moment, and that means not dwelling too hard on the past and future (which is hard for a worrier like me). Meditation has also been a consistent anchor in my life over the past few years and helps me move through difficult emotions. It completely embodies the sentiment of letting go - in a physical, emotional and spiritual sense. As a species, our biggest addiction is to thinking itself and quietening the mind helps me not be so attached to every thought that pops in to my head.”

  • Alex Amor explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Colour Me”
    “When you're in a dark place, life can seem grey, monotonous and stale. But sometimes, all it takes is for one person to come crashing into your life for the world to come back in blazing colour. Falling in love makes the leaves turn greener, the sky bolder and the sun shine brighter. It's like you're viewing the world through a saturated lens, where the boring parts of life become not only bearable but enjoyable again with this person by your side.”

    “Casually Cool”
    “Casually Cool refers to a one sided relationship. Where you put in all the effort to receive mere breadcrumbs back. Love and hate are different sides of the same coin but the real enemy of love is apathy. When a relationship is ending and the texts become fewer and far between, you can feel the other person slowly slipping away, becoming more passive and nonplussed. It's the worst feeling in the world when you feel like someone doesn't care about you anymore. Something I've always done is remove myself from situations where I don't feel wanted because the least we deserve is reciprocation in relationships. Don't we all deserve to feel appreciated and adored?”

    “Bad Tattoo” featuring The Deep Blue
    “Bad Tattoo was written about a time when I wanted to forget someone. They kept making unwanted appearances in my thoughts across the day: while I was walking home, doing chores, lying in bed awake at night. I find it bizarre how it's much easier to forget the good times but impossible to forget the bad times. It seems that our worst memories are stored somewhere deep inside of us and as much as I wanted to erase this person from my head, they persisted on my skin like a bad tattoo. Like one of those drunken tattoos you get in Ibiza at 3am and regret for the rest of your life.”

    “Half of Me”
    “Long distance is hard. You have to let go of someone and let them live their life somewhere new without you. Saying hello just to say goodbye all the time just seems so unfair. Where you were once enjoying the warmth of their skin, you're left to settle for the cold embrace of FaceTime instead. You can't fully enjoy your moments together as they have a sell by date, as someone's either coming or going. Even the best relationship in the world isn't safe if you're always apart because it's hard to see a future with someone who's gone most of the time.”

    “Pleasing People”
    “Throughout my life I've been told to not talk too much or take up too much space, to put everyone's needs before mine. Maybe it's a result of growing up with the expectations that come along with being a woman. Maybe it comes from a strong desire to be liked. My natural default is peace keeper, trying to mediate every situation I come across, avoiding conflict at all costs. But being pulled in every direction is exhausting if you forget you're the one steering the ship. Recently, I've fully come to terms with the power of a simple word. No. No, I don't feel comfortable. No, I'm not going out tonight. No, I refuse to be the idea you have of me anymore. One day I woke up and learnt to trust my gut instincts. And soon enough, I realised that my inner compass could be stronger than other people's expectations. If you are people pleaser, just know we are more powerful than we think! You have more agency over your own life than you know.”

    Photo by Harvey Pearson
  • source : Apple Music
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