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  • Ashe Releases New Album “Rae”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Ashlyn Rae Willson, aka Ashe released her sophomore album “Rae” on October 14, 2022.

    The album comprises 14-track, featuring guest appearance from American actress Diane Keaton. Produced by Leroy Clampitt.
    Diane Keaton is a longtime inspiration for Ashe herself, and she invited her to sing on the 12th track “Love Is Letting Go” after learning that she'd lost a brother as well. Ashe lost her brother to addiction.
    Reflecting on her debut album, she said that its content was “so off the heels of my divorce and going through all this turmoil and toxicity”. In contrast, she believes that Rae is “grounded in confidence, sexual freedom, excitement, and liberation”.
    Ashe said of the album, “Rae, the sophomore era, my middle name – it seemed only fitting. It's liberation and confidence and sex and fun. It's danceable and cry-able; it's cry-able while you're dancing. If albums are snapshots of artists' lives at a certain time, this is a snapshot of mine–young and alive and free, uninhibited and incredibly sure of who I am. There are moments of unmitigated passion and tears, but the overarching theme of Rae is summer sweat, windows down, tits-out freedom. May all who listen be inspired to be unapologetically themselves.”
  • She shared on social media, “'rae' is out now :…..) no longer just mine and yours forever <3 i've been a mess all week starting with a full on meltdown on sunday but i am finally at peace. frankly, i don't know if this is an album the world wants or not but i'll sleep soundly tonight knowing i stand behind every minute and every lyric of this record. this is exactly the music i wanted to make.. i wish you could have been in the room and felt the sheer joy we felt writing every song. if you're reading this you probably already know how much love i have for you and for what i do and that this moment means more to me than life itself. that's all for now. go listen to 'rae' and i'll see you on the 'fun while it lasted' tour very soon.”

  • Ashe explained of some tracks for the album.

    “Another Man's Jeans”
    “'Another Man's Jeans' is about unashamed and uninhibited confidence, loosening up and having a good time. It sounds like what carefree feels like. It's sexy! And loud! And fun! It's a reminder to not take life too seriously.”

    “Hope You're Not Happy”
    “Some songs are about acceptance and moving on; wishing someone the best even though you're not together anymore. This is not that song. 'Hope You're Not Happy' is about the harsh truth that us all at some point hope the person we're no longer with is miserable without us.”

    “Shower With My Clothes On”
    “'Shower With My Clothes On' is what my head feels like when it's spinning; out of control anxiety and the world feeling like it's closing in on you. It's about remembering those last few moments in a relationship when you're hopelessly hanging on but know you have to let go.”

    “Angry Woman”
    “There's always been this sense that as a woman in this world I've needed to 'behave' and 'play nice,' cutting off all this power and confidence that as women we should be demonstrating on a daily basis. 'Angry Woman,' in many ways, is about being fed up with abuse of power and that it sometimes takes a little righteous anger to make a change. Especially in today's climate, I want to see women getting a little angry, because we should be.”

    “Sometimes we just take things far too seriously in love and sometimes it's just about driving a little too fast and having a little too much fun.”

    “Love Is Letting Go” featuring Diane Keaton
    “I wish i could properly express how rewarding it is to release a song with your icon, let alone a song that is deeply and painfully personal. Writing love is letting go was heartbreaking. when my brother died I chose to live drastically differently and more fearlessly than I had ever before. I hope this song honors him and the incomparable void his absence has created in my life. I could barely see through my tears watching diane record her vocals that day in the studio, while she sang words we wrote about love and loss. I hope this song finds you today, on the first day of fall and wraps around you like the kind and gentle hug it was meant to be. And to anyone who believes some dreams are out of your reach, I have just released a song with my hero.”
  • source : Apple Music
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