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  • Charlie Puth Performs “Left and Right” & “Loser” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

  • American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform “Left and Right” and “Loser”.
    Both songs appeared on his third studio album “Charlie”, which was released on October 7, 2022. It is his first album in four years.
    “Left and Right” was released as third single from the album, featuring BTS' Jungkook. It was written by Charlie Puth, and Jacob Kasher Hindlin.
    Charlie Puth said of the song via Apple Music, “This song is simple. You can't eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant every night. Sometimes you just got to get a burger and fries from McDonald's: three chords, fun, and not about anything super heavy. I loved that dichotomy of how BTS's music is very well-produced, very crispy, very bright, and this song is the opposite. Jung Kook's voice is usually associated with big, bright, powerful K-pop chords, and putting it under that Red Hot Chili Peppers type of bass, grunginess—I really liked that combination.”
    “Loser” was released as the seventh single off of the album.
    He said of the song, “This song started off with the title. I was in the shower, recalling a time where I felt like I really messed it up with somebody. I thought that I lost them forever. I felt like a loser. I'm a singer living in LA, I'm seeing too many people, and I'm a loser. I followed up with, 'How'd I ever lose her?' And it just happens to rhyme. It sounds like a nursery rhyme that's been around forever. Just a self-deprecating, sad one.”
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    Charlie Puth's philosophy is that music can be made from just about anything.
    So, he tried making music during the interview with Jimmy Fallon, who prepared in advance a Laptop and midi keyboard.
    He began by recording a sound of him tapping the mug and maps the sound to his keyboard and records three instrumental layers using that sound. Finally, he added a kick drum, then the new song came out in just about three minutes.

  • source : NBC
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