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  • The 1975 Performs “I'm In Love With You” & Take That's “A Million Love Songs” on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

  • British pop rock band The 1975 appeared on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to perform “I'm In Love With You”, a cover of Take That's “A Million Love Songs”, “Happiness”, “It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)”, “Part Of The Band”, “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” and “All I Need To Hear”.
    “A Million Love Songs” was released by British boy band Take That from their debut album “Take That & Party” in 1992. The song reached No. 7 on the UK Singles chart.
    Matty Healy told BBC Radio 1 about the cover, “It's funny that, isn't it? I'd have loved to have done something like what you'd normally do… like a Taylor Swift [song] or a Harry Styles or a Ariana Grande or someone like that – someone who's really happening right now. But I think the only song that I'd heard in ages where I thought, 'You know what? If Donny Hathaway had said that, or Al Green had said that…'. I'd be like, 'Woah – that's really legit. Not to shade Gary Barlow; I love Gary Barlow as a songwriter. But that song's like my life – that's all I do, is write love songs and I'm still here like the rest of us… still trying to figure it out.”
  • “I'm In Love With You”, “Happiness”, “Part Of The Band”, and “All I Need To Hear” will appear on their upcoming fifth studio album “Being Funny in a Foreign Language”, which is set to be released on October 14, 2022.
    The music video for “I'm In Love With You” the song was directed by Samuel Bradley.
    The band frontman Matty Healy said of the video, “Like this video that I just did—you don't need to put as much effort as we put in. It's basically part two of the 'Change of Heart' video, where I was a clown and trying to chase this girl and get her back. But in order to exaggerate that idea, I had to exaggerate the world, and my dancing had to be better. So I was in dance rehearsals for a week, and she was on wires, flying. It's very Buster Keaton, Fellini, dreamy. It was a lot of work. But we wanted to something that's really impressive instead of leaning into technology all the time.”

  • “Happiness”
    Matty Healy said of “Happiness”, “[It] really doesn't really have much structure. It came through like jamming, and we haven't done that in like years. So we just wanted this record to be really like a captured moment and not be too constructed and even produced that much. We did it in like a day or so, and it's us having fun. And I think that there's this real desire in art to see something remarkable with as little technology as possible. Do you know what I mean?”

    “Part Of The Band”
    The song was released as the leased single from the new album back in July.

    “All I Need To Hear”
    Matty Healy said of the song”, “What I've struggled is like this song, what does it say? It's like I don't need music in my ears, I don't need the crowds and the cheers. Just tell me you love me. That's all that I need to hear. With 'All I Need To Hear', I don't know what the barometers are. Some of the barometers are how much it makes you dance or how memorable. There's something that makes the song stick around. With 'All I Need To Hear', it was one of those songs that I realized quite quickly that … [like] 'I Couldn't Be More In Love', on A Brief Inquiry… and 'All I Need To Hear,' I think, are songs that could be performed better than I can perform them. A lot of my songs require me to perform them, but I think that I'd love to hear Joe Cocker, not that we could have that, but it feels like one of those songs where it's like I've stepped out of the Mattyness of everything.And it's something that Adele could sing … it would make total sense, and she wouldn't have to talk about jacking off or what the usual subject matter is.”

    “It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)” and “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” were released from their third studio album “A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships” in 2018.
    “It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)”
    Matty Healy said of the song, “I think I'm trying to consciously hide it behind being somebody else, writing about their struggle and their strife,” he admitted. “Like, 'So I've got this friend, right? And he's got this really weird rash on his gooch?' [laughs] That kind of vibe. So it's like, 'Well tell your friend that he should…' But it's quite obvious it's about me, because there's been a real reluctance for me to talk about it. I didn't want to talk about being a heroin addict for five years – having actual nightmares of the idea of it being uncovered. So there was a humorous reluctance to disclose it in this song.”

    Matty Healy said, “Yeah, I don't know anything anymore mate, I don't know what constitutes a hit. I just know that this is a song that I just objectively kind of listen to not necessarily as a '75 song. It's just something that sort of makes me really happy, and the video makes me kind of happier. That's my only metric as to why I would think it would be kind of a– I don't even care if it's a hit. I just want our fans to hear it.”

  • source : BBC Radio 1
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