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  • Cristóvam Releases New Album “Songs on a Wire”: Streaming

  • Portugal singer-songwriter Flávio Cristóvam, aka Cristóvam released his sophomore album “Songs on a Wire” on October 7, 2022.

    It is his first album in four years since the 2018 album “Hopes & Dreams”.
    The album comprises 12-track, produce by Flávio Cristóvam and Tim Hart. All songs were written by Flávio Cristóvam.
    Born amongst the deep blue of the Atlantic and the lush green of the beautiful Azores islands, Cristóvam's music shines with a warmth that you won't find anywhere else.
    In a realm of reflection, his new record highlights key moments from the last two years of his life.
    Flávio Cristóvam said, “These were times where I dealt with a lot of different things, from the loneliness of the pandemic which was a bit intensified by the fact that I live in a small and remote island, to other happy things like getting married, getting signed or having my music going viral and reaching so many people and, on to of all that, this sort of big feeling that I was actually starting my life.”
  • He shared on social media, “Album release day is always a super intense day. I've written and deleted this post a dozen times. I really wish the words were right, but I've come to the conclusion they'll never do justice to what this day means to me. Hopefully the music speaks a little better and louder.
    We put our heart into these 12 songs and it was long months of work to get to the final result.”
    He added, “Like to thank my good friend Tim Hart who produced this record, played it, wrote some of the lyrics with me and always believed in me and my music.”

  • Flávio Cristóvam explained of some tracks for the album.

    “The Spin”
    “Both were nurses working in a palliative care unit in Belgium. During their work, they had to deal every day with people approaching the end of their lives who regretted not taking risks when they still had the chance, the regret of those people led them to one day both felt that they had to completely change their lives in order not to end up with exactly the same feelings, so they decided to drop their own stable professional careers and move on. The adventure of chasing their dreams. This song is about the ups and downs of that journey. It's about their infectious energy, love and unwavering belief that things would be okay one day.
    In 2017 I did a few shows with Tim Hart and Stu Larsen in Portugal. We became friends and kept in touch ever since. This year, Tim and I started talking about the possibility of working together someday. A few months later, I single-handedly recorded 'The Spin' and realized that I really liked this song in a more stripped-down and warm-sounding production, and I knew exactly who to call for that. Tim jumped right on board. I was recording nylon guitar and vocals and a friend came over to play banjo in my studio. I then sent those songs to Tim in Australia, who recorded drums, vocal harmonies, piano and keys. That same week, Tim also went on to record with Boy and Bear in Sydney, so he decided to book an extra day in the studio to mix it up. It was a great experience. I think he really understood what I was going for and did a fantastic job producing it.”

    “Golden Days”
    “I think there's a beautiful parallelism between Spring and youth and I'm hoping that we captured some of it in this song. It was a sunny morning and the sunlight had this tonality that reminded me of an old photo I had from 2009. That photograph was taken on a holiday trip with a group of friends. We were all teenagers, some of us approaching 20 and going through that nostalgic feeling of reaching the twilight of your youth. I always think of that specific photo as the perfect representation of the golden days of mine.”

    “Chin Up”
    “People think he is a negativist person, but he says no, that he just thinks of the worst-case scenario so that if it happens, be prepared for it.”

    “Ferris Wheel”
    “When you write songs, if you're lucky, once in a while you write something that you are confident you'll want to play forever. I think Ferris Wheel is one of those songs for me. I had a first sketch of the song and I showed it to Tim Hart, who ended up co-writing the rest of the lyrics with me.
    I feel like the subject of these lyrics is a fragile one. This is a song that speaks about loving someone with bipolar disorder, about the almost transparent and thin line that determines how far you can go in trying to help someone without ending up with a burden that wasn't your own. We've all seen emotionally balanced people fall into the abyss of depression, because they tried too hard to save someone who in the end, didn't want to be saved. This is a song about sometimes having to choose your own mental health and letting go of battles that aren't your own.”

    Background photo by Timothy Lima
  • source : Apple Music
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