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  • Lucy Morgan Releases Debut EP “Firelight”: Streaming

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Lucy Morgan released her debut EP “Firelight” on August 26, 2022.

    The EP comprises 6-track, produced by John Fellner and Simon Larochette.
    She wrote the songs with Kristian Montano, Simon Larochette and Freida Mari.
    “I am writing to you to share Firelight, an EP composed of songs I wrote during the healing journey I went on following a really terrible and impossible breakup,” Lucy Morgan said of the EP. “It was a long road back to myself after that experience. There were a lot of points where I really wasn't sure I was going to get through it. Music was what I turned to in those moments of hopelessness, as well as the moments of peace.”
    She continued, “Firelight's songs are about love and heartbreak, but they are also about self-discovery through those emotions. I hope this EP can be a space to grieve losses which you may have endured, as well as an opportunity to find peace within all the noise.”
  • Lucy Morgan explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “Firelight's title track, written with my friend and fellow artist, Freida Mari, is our way of expressing the feeling you get when you've found someone new.
    You're excited for what it could be, but the wounds from your last try haven't fully healed. You want love, but the road there has been full of potholes and dead ends.
    This song is about seeing the potential in someone and going for it even though there is the fear of it burning out.
    For me, love and relationships have consisted of a power struggle a lot of the time. It has felt in the past like there is some sort of game to be played, especially in the beginning.
    Dating in this generation is challenging because it seems most people seek only 'the chase.' If you make yourself too available, it will somehow scare the other person off. When I wrote this song, I was wrapped up in that mindset big time.
    During my previous relationship, I had given myself fully right from the start and it ended horribly. Coming out of that, I felt as if the next relationship was bound to be the same and I wanted to have control over my emotions and my heart. I did not want to surrender that control to someone else again. But putting up walls wasn't the answer either.”

  • “Upper Hand”
    “I wanted Upper Hand to feel moody and a bit sinister. I wanted the sounds to reflect an exaggerated version of my experience. As if something evil is lurking in the shadows. Because being in an emotionally abusive relationship is like walking on eggshells everyday, constantly waiting to slip up somehow. And each time you inevitably do, you get a little bit smaller while the other person only seems to get bigger. Until it feels like you are no longer in control of your own mind.”
    She told Buzz Music, “For me, one of the main ways I process things is through my music. It is definitely a form of therapy for me. When I wrote 'Upper Hand,' I felt so trapped and lost. I sat down at my keyboard and started playing a few chords, and the song just sort of tumbled out of me. At that time, I was writing it for myself.”

    “Where It All Began”
    “Leaving her was one of the hardest things I had to do, but I knew it was the only way I could find a way back to myself. Hearing from her rocked me, to say the least.
    Surrounded by the beauty of Northern Ontario, I was deeply reflecting and processing whether I should respond or remain silent. I felt I had finally gotten to a place of peace and closure in my life, and while it was tempting to take that step back, I knew in my gut that it would never be what I wished it could be. On our last night there, I remember saying to John, 'If she and I were still together, this trip either wouldn't have happened or it would have caused a terrible fight.' I knew at that moment, this was my answer.
    No one should ever make you feel like you can't be yourself or that you're not allowed to do something you want to do. That's not love and it was not worth going back to. I wanted this song to have a light and carefree vibe – the opposite of how that relationship made me feel. A song that you can play to remind yourself that you are better off now than you were then.”

    Background photo by Mai Tilson
  • source : Apple Music
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