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  • Grace Davies Releases New Song “Already Gone”

  • British singer-songwriter Grace Davies will release her upcoming third EP “It Wasn't Perfect, But We Tried” on October 7, 2022.

    From the EP, she unveiled the second single “Already Gone” on August 19, 2022, following “Wolves”.
    The track was written by Grace Davies, Rachel Clare Furner, Katya Edwards and Toby Scott.
    She has already shot the music video for the song, which will be premiered soon.
    Grace Davies told EUPHORIA. about the song, “I wrote “Already Gone” in 2019, so it's been sitting with me a while. I always knew that it was one of my favorites. Basically, I wrote it about my one and only adult relationship, a person I feel was probably “the one” who I missed the boat with because I completely self-sabotaged and fucked up the relationship big time. I always usually write about boys that have broken my heart. I do the classic, oh, woe is me, but this one is just the complete opposite. It's like, yeah, I had a bad thing and I regret that. I wish that I could change it, but I can't.”
  • The new EP is her first project since the 2021 EP “I Wonder If You Wonder”
    She said, “I think that is my strength and my weakness. I like to dip my feet in every little pool. I love to have a range of different vibes on an EP and this one's very much the same. There's another one that's similar to “Already Gone” because I feel that's probably my staple thing, the ballads and the strings. But, there are a couple of anthems on there. “Wolves” was the first single, “Already Gone” is now the second, and then the EP will come out. It's exciting!”
  • source : Apple Music
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