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  • Sad Night Dynamite Premieres New Song “What Does That Make Me?” on BBC Radio 1

  • London-based alt-R&B duo Sad Night Dynamite, consisting of Archie Blagden and Josh Greacen, premiered a new song “What Does That Make Me?” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Arielle Free.
    The song is the first single since their new mixtape “Volume II”, which was released back in April.
    It was written by Archie Blagden, Arnold Darnell Ingram, Benjy Gibson, James Mitchell Jr, Josh Greacen and Marvin L Willis. Produced by Sad Night Dynamite and Benjy.
    Josh Greacen told Arielle Free about the song, “This was a strange one for us. It's kind of a bit of a lapse in the nightmare that we've come to be known for. But there's still quite a dark tone in the lyric. It's basically about those times where you're sort of wondering what people are thinking of you if they saw the way that you were behaving, it's about those times where you're all alone, and we kind of all act differently in those moments. I know I do. Anyway, I did some really weird, really strange things. I'm not gonna go into detail on that.”
    He said of a working with producer Benjy, “We were in this session. And Benji, he played us really long soundscape. And Archie and I were nearly falling asleep it was so bad. And then there was one second of it, which was amazing. And Benji, that's amazing. You should do that bit. And then we stole it from him and wrote the rest of the track. I think he likes it. I'm not sure.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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