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  • Jamie Bower Shares Two New Songs “Run On” featuring King Sugar & “Devil in Me”

  • British actor and singer-songwriter Jamie Bower has shared two new songs “Run On” and “Devil in Me”.

    On “Run On”, he teamed up with British rock band King Sugar. The accompanying music video was directed by Callan Banham Bradshaw and Jamie Bower himself.
    The song is a cover of traditional American folk song “God's Gonna Cut You Down”, which is better known for American singer Odetta's version in 1956 and American country music singer-songwriter Johnny Cash's version in 2006.
    Jamie Bower and King Sugar recorded the song in a day at Vada Studios with producer Matt Terry.
    Jamie Bower told EUPHORIA. Magazine about the song, “It's a cover of a song originally made most famous by Odetta and Johnny Cash respectively. The musical journey that I'm on at the moment, I'm sort of treading water in the space of both this Nick Cave piano, ballad-y kind of world blending in some more electronic elements and weird black metal kind of sensitivities, as well as this blues, dark gospel sort of thing. It fascinates me. I'm really into taking the idea of something that's super religious and making it very dark. That really interests me, so this is the first step with the explosion of the song. It's introducing this element of darkness into an otherwise very gospel-y song.”
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    King Sugar shared on social media, “We were honoured to be part of the making of the video & single of 'Run On' by the late great Johnny Cash, covered here by our friend Jamie Bower.”
    “Devil in Me” was written by Jamie Bower and produced by Martin Terefe.
    Jamie Bower said, “And then the B side is a song called 'Devil in Me.' I always had the idea of trying to record where it just sounded like it could have been done at Sun Studios in the '50s. We used really old mics from the '50s and shit like that and just tried to make it sound as real as possible from within that world, and same thing with 'Run On.'”

  • Photo by Callan Banham-Bradshaw
  • source : Apple Music
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