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  • Theo Tams Releases New Song “Limbo”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Theo Tams released a new song “Limbo” on July 14, 2022.
    The track is embracing summertime pop. Over classic pop harmonies and upbeat production, he tells a stream of consciousness tale about dodging a bullet.
    The song follows up the EP “Trilogy III”, which was released back in May.
    It was written by Theo Tams and Andrew Martino. Produced by Marty Martino and Theo Tams.
    Theo Tams said of the song, “My new single, 'Limbo,' wrote itself. It's a stream-of-consciousness summer jam which reflects on being with someone who is indecisive, the type of person who strings you along and then disposes of you when you're no longer needed.”
    He continued, “I felt like in order for the song to really hit hard, there needed to be a complete contradiction between the lyrics and the production. This is a bit of an f-you song, but instead of being angry and aggressive, it's melodically playful.”
  • He shared on social media, “Sometimes the people who hurt us will never admit they hurt us. Sometimes they will never take responsibility for the things they said and did. Sometimes they are blissfully unaware of the damage that they caused while you're still sitting at ground zero sorting through the pieces. But l, what I've learned is that closure doesn't come from someone else. It doesn't lie within an apology or in their acknowledgement. Closure is, and always has been, mine. Closure is realizing your own self worth. Closure is the realization that you always deserved better anyways. This song is my closure.”
  • source : Apple Music
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