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  • Joanna Borne Releases New Song “My Friend”

  • Nashville-based Canadian singer-songwriter Joanna Borne has released a new song “My Friend”.
    The song is her fourth single, following “Selfish”, “Carousel” and “Lovers”.
    It was written by Joanna Borne, Miles Walker and John Greenham. Produced by Ben Flanders.
    “'My Friend' comes from the pain and the paradox of feeling more and more isolated in a world that's supposedly becoming more and more 'connected',” Joanna Borne said of the song. “This track stemmed from a pretty serious health scare that I had. I had no family in the country, and I was having a hard time reaching out for help from friends. I kept playing off my symptoms not telling anyone really until I wound up in the ER one day. My body was doing something weird, I was terrified, but I kept thinking 'everyone is probably too busy,' or 'I don't want to bring anyone down' or 'I'm probably fine' or 'I have my phone so I can reach people on that if I need to' so I didn't reach out to request anyone to come sit with me in person.”
  • She said of the writing process, “When Ben created the bass line, added the kick to this song, then proceeded to put distortion on the bass to give the low end more grit, the track just went harder than we ever expected. We knew right then this track was going to be something incredible, and in that moment, we stood up and started yelling like a couple of dads watching a football game!"
    She continued, “Music has always been how I express myself freely and connect to people; all of my songs are written from real emotions inspired by real experiences; this song is no different. I'm hoping I give people something they value, can relate to, and make their own.”

  • Photo by David Lehr
  • source : Apple Music
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