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  • Fred again.. Premieres New Song “Jungle” on BBC Radio 1

  • British music producer Fred again.. premiered a new song “Jungle” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.
    The song features American singer-songwriter Elley Duhé as guest vocals.
    Also, he made the song with Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet.
    It was written by Elley Duhe, Fred again.. and Kieran Hebden. Produced by Fred again.., Alex Gibson, Kieran Hebden.
    Fred again.. told Clara Amfo abou the song, “This song is now because for me like the album's I do I care about being like, as concise and like smallest purest statement as I can make them fit between harvests. It's like free rein, whatever happens. And it's been really liberating, like collaborating with a bunch of different people like putting out the tunes with Romy and HAAi, Jordan, and this one I worked on with the legendary Four Tet. So yeah, it's like it doesn't sound like anything I've done before. But for me, that's this is the time to be doing that kind of stuff.”
  • He continued, “I'm sure you've had this, which is like within about 30 seconds, they walk in the room, it is like that, it's just like other humans. And then like within like no time you see all of the humanity and this guy does go and same with this and that. And he has boring Tuesdays and lively whatever I'm saying they just they just get they feel like a normal human straightaway.”
    He added, “And I've been I played it in the last few live shows I've done but yeah, I've gotten very into what you were just saying of like trying out to live because you learn so much about them just through playing it just like once feeling a human reaction. You have like big picture clarity real real quick. And yeah, Kieran Hebden is a very, very big exponent of that assumptions we've worked on. He's like, okay, let's now play this out for the next 18 months. And then we'll put it out.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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