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  • Sail Releases New Song “Emotion Motional Ocean”

  • British metal band Sail, consisting of Charlie Dowzell (guitar/vocals), Tim Kazer (guitar/vocals), Kynan Scott (bass/vocals) and Tom Coles (drums), released a new song “Emotion Motional Ocean” on June 3, 2022.
    The song follows up “Flood”, which was released last August.
    It was written by Tim Kazer, Charlie Dowzell, Kynan Scott and Tom Paulian Coles.
    The band recorded the song at Stage 2 Studios in Bath with producer Josh Gallop.
    Tim Kazer said of the song, “You know the end of Pinocchio with the Whale? Monstro I think. I went back and watched a clip and Gepetto will not stop talking about dying. Like I don't think there was a single person who made that film thinking “this one's for the kids!”. Emotions can be that way sometimes though, like being eaten alive. That's what Emotion Motional Ocean is. One big alt rock emotional monster munch.”
    Sail was formed in 2016 and draws influences from modern sludge, post-rock and grunge movements while bringing in unique elements of psychedelia and synth-driven flair, veering manically from catchy pop bangers to absolute noise.
    The band released debut album “Slumbersong” via Hibernacula Records in March 2017.
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