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  • venbee & Dan Fable Team Up for New Song “low down”

  • Kent-based singer-songwriter Erin Doyle, aka venbee teamed up with Manchester-based singer-songwriter Dan Fable to release a new song “low down”.
    The song received its first play during BBC Music Introducing in Kent with Abbie McCarthy.
    It was written by Erin Doyle and Dan Fable. Produced by Elias Abid.
    Before the release of the song, she teased the song on TikTok, where the video accrued over 200K views.
    Erin Doyle told Abbie McCarthy about the song, “It's a weird one because it's actually based of where I was when I was quite young when I was like 16, 17 and very not in a good place mentally and I literally got so comfortable with feeling like rubbish like in my head. I got so complacent with it and I did shut myself away from everyone for a long time. And then I was messaging Dan because we set up a writing session he was like, please could just come in with something. We need to have an idea about off it's gonna be great. So I've written the hook in at three o'clock in the morning. I have like little voice notes because I'm really dyslexic so I don't write any of my songs down because I can't read them back. And there was like voice notes from when I was like 16, 17, feeling like absolutely rubbish. And I was like, right, okay, you were low down low key. Let's just try and figure out a way to word this that other people can take into their own perspective. I had a couple of lines of the first verse and the chorus written and I went to Dan, and Dan's like, 'Yeah, this is good'. Let's do it. So we wrote the song over FaceTime just on guitar, while ticket to my friend Elias, who's extremely talented producer, but also one of my best mates and he bought the song to life and then like to know what we were gonna actually have to just drop this.”
  • She said of the song going viral on TikTok, “For sure is definitely a key for me as a writer to just make everyday normal life situations. Not normal in song writing. Essentially, we didn't actually have the song finished when I put it on Tiktok, and everyone thought that was the most stressful week of my life. All right, we got the song done in the end, but it's gone. It's done better than I've ever expected. We wake up in the morning. It's got like five to 10k streams. We're going to be so excited. Woke up. it's got like 200k And we're like it's been life changing for me and Elias and all everyone on my team and stuff. So count our lucky stars like.”
  • source : BBC Music Introducing in Kent
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