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  • Alexander 23 Releases New Song “Crash”

  • American singer-songwriter Alexander Glantz, aka Alexander 23 released a new song “Crash”
    Ths song is the second single off of his upcoming debut album, following “Hate Me If It Helps”.
    He wrote and produced the song with his best friend Daniel Nigro.
    Alexander Glantz shared on social media, “You can break down getting over someone into three parts. The first time you say 'I'm over them', the second time you say 'I'm over them', and the third time you say 'I'm over them'. The first time you say it is a lie, and you know it, but really what you're doing is signaling to your self that you're ready to start trying. The second time you say it, you're starting to believe yourself, but your emotional immune system is still compromised. The third time you say it, congrats you really did.”
  • He continued, “'Crash' is a story somewhere in between the second and third time. I was so close but still felt myself romanticizing the memories in away that felt more harmful than reflective. Every once in a while I had so sit myself down and remind my brain that missing someone and missing a relationship aren't a package deal, that you can miss the person without missing who you became together. I started writing this song almost a year ago. It has gone through many iterations, tried on many shapes and size, auditioned many styles and genres. But tonight, in its final form, it is yours. Take good care of it for me, this song has taught me a lot an been there for me through some trying times.”
  • source : Apple Music
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