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  • Allan Rayman Releases New Album “Roadhouse 02”: Streaming

  • Toronto-based singer-songwriter Allan Rayman released his fifth studio album “Roadhouse 02” on March 18, 2022.

    It is first album in two years since the 2020 album “Christian”.
    The comprises 13-track, produced by Allan Rayman, Kenwyn Kipenji, Moose and Steve Mostyn.
    Every side of his shines on the album. Thematically inspired by Kurt Vonnegut's classic Slaughterhouse-Five, Allan Rayman sonically nods back to the nocturnal R&B of his early work. The album focuses on the musician's career to date; being signed and dropped, to the feeling of not being the right guy for the job and the struggle of finding positivity in all this negative space.
    Touching on maturity and the revelations that come with it, he becomes unstuck in time and is shown his life and what's to come of it if he continues to let Mr. Roadhouse have full control. It ultimately leads to depression and unfortunately death.
    The album is Allan Rayman being shown his options and having to make the decision on where he wants his life to go.
    Allan Rayman said of the album, “Together the songs and video tell a story of an artist who creates an alter ego to handle success in the music industry and what happens when you lose yourself in that character. Ultimately the album is by an artist for an artist. It shines light on the negatives that come with this career choice. With an underlying theme that our shortcomings as artists are our strength; makes for good music - real music.”
  • source : Apple Music
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