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  • Ryan Tennis Releases New Album “Hey, Rollercoaster”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Ryan Tennis released his fourth studio album “Hey, Rollercoaster” on March 25, 2022.
    It is his first album in six years since the 2016 album “The Easier Mile”.
    The album comprises 9-track, co-produced by Pete Donnelly, Tim Sonnefeld, and Brahm Genzlinger.
    His worldly artistry on the album is conveyed through his wise, established perspective on life coupled with his unique signature sound.
    Ryan Tennis said of the sound, “The arrangements and rhythms definitely bear the influence of the time I've spent in South America.”
    The songs cover a diverse array of themes. “With the album title, Hey, Rollercoaster, I'm saying, 'Look, I have no idea what the world is going to throw at us next,'” Ryan Tennis explained. “Our brains are not equipped to process the turmoil of the whole world, all day every day. At a certain point, we have to turn off the news, stop the doom-scrolling, and find real connections and moments that make us happy.”
    He continued, “At one point, I noticed that literally, every song on here is in a major key. But that's what I've needed, something real, but also something with some levity, some joy.”
  • He explained track-by-track for the album on social media.

    Photo by Will Drinker
  • source : Apple Music
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