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  • Ed Sheeran Premieres New Version of “Bad Habits” featuring Bring Me The Horizon on BBC Radio 1

  • British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran premiered a new version of “Bad Habits” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Jack Saunders.
    He teamed up with British rock band Bring Me The Horizon on the track.
    They first performed the song at The 2022 BRIT Awards on February 8, 2022.
    The original version of the song was released from his fifth studio album “=” last June. It was written by Ed Sheeran, Fred Gibson and Johnny McDaid.
    Ed Sheeran told Jack Saunders about the new version, “I think that we both got to a point in our careers where we like doing things that people think is not what we should be doing. I think that's I think that's the main thing. I think that on paper, all these hardcore fanbase will read this and go, Oh my God, why? And on paper my fan base will read this and be like, I won't know that. And, and I think it's done amazingly, like really tastefully. And they've taken a song that is essentially an acoustic EDM song brought it into their world and I'm just I'm so grateful to them.”
  • He continued, “I basically got asked open the BRIT, and they were like, it has to be 'Bad Habits' because that was the song that they wanted. And I you know, I've played it so many times. I was like, it doesn't really think that that's exciting. And I said to my manager, like we should do it and we should do it with a rock band. And then in my mind is the biggest rock band in England, Bring Me The Horizon. And I've been in touch we were going to work together and I sort of said to my manager who knew their manager quite well, direct and they do it like I didn't want to reach out. So I sort of did it the professional way. And, and basically they were super keen, man. All he got on the phone together. And then we got we rehearse. I mean, it was literally like a week and a half before the BRIT. We put it together. Yeah, it was pretty fun.”

    Bring Me The Horizon's frontman Oliver Sykes added, “To be honest and once I mean, the hour in Brazil at time and jogging it actually come over because we were writing some music. We just got back from beach and he must have picked email up and gone. Oh my god Ed Sheeran, opened it. It was like, if you just don't say no, smile like that. So we kind of just did it. It was really fun to go and take one of the biggest songs of last year and get to turn it into a bring their eyes and it was just it was easy to be honest. And it all worked out so well. So it sounds like a perfect meeting of minds then like everything just kind of coming together as it was meant to be. How do we sneak Bring Me the Horizon into the BRIT Awards, by the way, because you had to keep this thing low key and not telling you when that was happening.”

  • Ed Sheeran said of the new track, “I think the thing that I've found from being a songwriter is that songs can be done in numerous numerous ways you know, there are some songs of indie bands that I love. If you produce them in a certain way, they turn into like a One Direction tune. And likewise, there's like One Direction songs that if you produce an indie way, they'd suddenly be like a massive indie band, you know, like, good songs or just good songs. And I find that there's things like that, that's the spirit and ammo stuff, like there's not like, it wouldn't be that hard for me to pick up an acoustic guitar and just play them acoustically as well and happen in in that way. So knowing that going in with “Bad Habits”, which is essentially an EDM song, I knew that the lads could take it and it wouldn't sound too different. We just be like, oh, and now this is this in this in this column. I think that's the beauty of songs and hopefully good songs.”

    Photo by Zakary Walters
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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