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  • Joss Stone Releases New Album “Never Forget My Love”: Streaming

  • British singer-songwriter Joss Stone released her eighth studio album “Never Forget My Love” along with a new music video for “Oh To Be Loved By You” on February 11, 2022.
    It is her first album in seven years since the 2015 album “Water for Your Soul”.
    The album comprises 10-track, produced by David A. Stewart.
    Joss Stone and David A. Stewart wrote every song for the new record on acoustic guitar at Bay Street Studios in the Bahamas and then recorded all the tracks at Nashville’s famed Blackbird Studio.
    Joss Stone said, “Dave and I have been great friends for a very long time and we have worked together on various projects. He has this calm, quiet confidence that encourages you to tell your story. He is a breath of fresh air, very young at heart. And he always wants to lift you up.”
    David A. Stewart said, “Joss and I have had many adventures around the world writing and recording and we have always enjoyed every minute. We are essentially best friends which makes it effortless. The music flows naturally between us. In the making of this album, 'Never Forget My Love', as usual we started off small, just the two of us writing with an acoustic guitar, but if you were to hear those simple phone recordings we are already singing and shouting out brass lines and string arrangements to each other and anyone listening would think we were crazy people. We have a secret musical language and it's so special. I'm very proud of this album, in particular, as I think we've captured magic in this collection of songs recorded with amazing players and orchestral arrangements that could have been written in the sixties and that sound so familiar on first listen.”
    Accompanying music video was directed by Paul Boyd.
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    She told Jazziz about the album, “We were writing for a play called Time Traveler's Wife. So we were writing songs about time travel, which is a bit of a mad concept to write about. We didn't have a finished script at the time so we started thinking that we could make an album instead. And I'd done a gig with Burt Bacharach a year or so before then and still had those songs ringing in my ears. I've also been listening to Dusty Springfield and Dionne Warwick since I was a kid. Those songs are so beautifully put together, so sophisticated. I thought's I'd love to make a record like that but didn't know how to do it. But Dave said, 'Don't worry. I know how to make a record like that.'”
    She added, “He'd have the guitar and we'd start coming up with ideas. And the wonderful thing is that now when I listen to my voice notes from those days, the ideas that we had… it's all exactly how we planned it. We went into the studio a few months later with those ideas and it was exactly how I imagined it. Everything! And that's a rare thing because with my earlier records, I'd have different musicians come in and it would be kind of a jam. On this one, we planned. And that's new for me. It's nice.”
  • source : Apple Music
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