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  • LexMo Releases New Song “GHST”

  • Los Angeles-based Venezuelan singer-songwriter LexMo released a new song “GHST” on February 7, 2022 via MoMusicRecords.
    The song follows up “PST” and will appear on her upcoming EP, which is expected to be released in 2022.
    It was written and produced by Alexandra Morean.
    “'GHST' is a song about losing someone and still feeling their presence everywhere you go, hoping that when you turn the corner they'll be there,” LexMo said of the song.“Every sound, drum, instrumentation, texture and effect were all created by my co-producer and I in a studio that used to be a vault from an old bank. The acoustics in the studio were just amazing, with such a cool space to work with we decided to make everything from scratch. The stomps, the snares, the claps, the whistles everything, he and I built from the ground up so production wise 'GHST' is like my baby.”
  • The accompanying music video was directed by LexMo herself. She said, “Perfectly encapsulating the toxic dark romance that is littered through the song. The push and pull that came in waves ultimately left me feeling trapped and alone and questioning everything I thought I once knew about my sexuality. I'm simply not as straight as I thought I was and that was pretty scary for me to discover. In the end I lost both people and lost myself as well. I'd never felt so trapped, confused and alone trying to figure out what I wanted. The black and white, the strobe effects, the back and forth between each person represents the confusion and instability I was feeling at the time,”

  • Photo by Luis Miller
  • source : Apple Music
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