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  • Tall Heights Releases New Album “Juniors”: Streaming

  • Boston-based alt-folk duo Tall Heights, consisting of Tim Harrington and Paul Wright, released their fourth studio album “Juniors” on January 14, 2022, along with a new music video for “Hear It Again” directed by Benjamin Lieber.
    It is their first album in four years since the 2018 album “Pretty Colors for Your Actions”.
    The album comprises 12-track, produced by Mike Mogis and Oliver Hill.
    The album emerged from a period of profound turmoil for the duo. They experienced a convergence of events that included major health and substance-abuse crises among their closest loved ones, saying goodbye to Harrington's grandfather and to a beloved grandfather figure for Wright, and—in far happier, yet still intense news—the announcement that each of their wives was expecting. Compounded by a series of shake-ups in their professional life, that upheaval coincided with the start of the pandemic. Rather than succumbing to the tremendous pressure of that point in time, the duo chose to confront the chaos by creating within it. The album that precisely channels the pain, uncertainty, and unbridled joy of its inception.
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    The duo shard on social media, “we put out an album that is way more than just an album to us. we just went through those months in our stored photos and we feel it all still. it was a perfect storm. a forced period of time at home in chaotic solitude, the whole time knowing we were to leave the Tall House soon. we wrote songs in real time to process the rapid changes around us. our wives became pregnant, our broader families encountered unparalleled loss, sickness, and crisis, we packed up our lives after 6 years and closed out a BIG chapter.”
    They continued, “we made an album in that time and place out of the intense highs and lows, one we shared with our pregnant wives, a 1 year-old, and even a dog and cat who hated each other... all together with a dysfunctional and extremely shut down world around us. Juniors, we came to believe, was the perfect name for this work largely because of how this chapter made us feel: like children lost in the mall desperately seeking familiarity. at some point in time though, we started to recognize freedom in that discomfort, we saw an opportunity to make friends with it. turns out knowing for SURE that you really don't have a fucking clue is a wonderfully creative position to find yourself in. to find yourself. every day.”

  • The duo explained of some tracks for the album.

    “Locked Out”
    Tim Harrington: “Paul and I each wrote the lyrics to 'Locked Out,' which I think points back to how intertwined our lives have become,” says Harrington. “It's so unlikely that I could have felt his pain as hard as I did—but because I was living it too in that house, what's fiercely personal to Paul became fiercely personal to me.”

    “Hear It Again”
    “'Hear It Again' is a reverberating cry from the days of quarantine, a cry that has joyfully been answered. The writing process started on a pre-pandemic tour with Ben Folds, and was finished and recorded in pandemic isolation. The song is impregnated with this tension between 2 lost sanctuaries : home at home and home on the road. As the lines blur between the two, ultimately a feeling prevails that there is only one course back to peace for Tall Heights : back on tour.”

    “The Mountain”
    Paul Wright: “A friend had texted us a photo of his grandfather on the day before he died: he was sitting in a hospital bed looking out the window at the mountains, and the sun was shining on his face. That song came from thinking about our friend's grandmother saying goodbye to his grandfather and sending him off on his journey, but in a way it also speaks to how there's been so much collective loss over the past year.”

    Tim Harrington: “Sometimes a relationship can get intense in the wrong place and time. So, in the end, it's a song about choosing which relationships deserve your all, and when to let things go and move on with your life.”
  • source : Apple Music
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