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  • KID DAD Announces New EP “Bloom”, Shares New Song “As Soon As America”

  • German alt-pop band KID DAD, consisting of Maximilian Alexander Zdunek (Bass/Backing Vocals), Marius Vieth (Vocals/Guitar), Michael Reihle (Drums) and Joshua Meinert (Guitar), announced their second EP “Bloom” would be released on December 10, 201 via Long Branch Records.
    The EP their first project since the 2020 debut album “In a Box”.
    From the EP, the band unveiled the second single called “As Soon As America” on September 16th along with a music video, following “Apartment”.
    It was written by Marius Vieth, Maximilian Alexander Zdunek, Michael Reihle, Joshua Meinert, and Joschka Bender, who also produced the track. The video was filmed by Robert Tappe and Max. Zdunek.
    Marius Vieth said, “People can be uncomfortable when artists criticize countries, states, systems or political constructs – especially when it's not their own. We are aware of this and, because of it, we are constantly thinking about whether it is the right thing to talk and sing about. In the end, we believe that, regardless of the critique, the right thing to do is to voice your opinion and anger towards injustice, suffering, and inhumanity.”
    He continued, “The western civilization is growing up, in many places, with a glorified picture of America. 'The land of limitless opportunities' is an aspiration you learn in preschool. But, as you get older and see wars in other countries, the racism, police brutality, and many other injustices; this picture can quickly change.”
  • The band shared on social media, “Our new single 'AS SOON AS AMERICA' is out now …
    … and it's not a song about hate or discrimination against a country. We were raised with the idea of the USA being beautifully diverse & fair for everybody.
    But as we got older we also saw pictures of police unjustly killing poc Americans. We heard about many school shootings, mass shootings and suicides. We saw a legislation period filled with hate and division. This moved us so much that we felt the need to write a song about the negative sides of a country we truly love.
    We know that some people will feel attacked by this song and its message and some others might even insult us because of it but we firmly believe that it's more important to stand above this and make a statement: showing support for the oppressed and suffering while distancing ourselves from the oppressors and those who cause suffering.
    We stand for an open, diverse, colorful, fair and pacifistic world. Maybe together we can have at least a little impact on it to make it a safer place, too.”
  • source : Apple Music
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