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  • Ryan Wright Releases New Song “u were never mine”

  • Virginia-based singer-songwriter Ryan Wright released a new song “u were never mine” on September 16, 2021.
    The song follows up “Happy Birthday (Go F**k Yourself)”, which was released back in June.
    It was written by Ryan Wright, Todd Wright and Ethan Mentzer.
    She wrote the song, which was inspired by The Cars. Ryan Wright said, “We listened to a lot of The Cars for inspiration. Interestingly, the song ended up reflecting the idea of “cars” thematically as well. When you're young, your car is kind of your sanctuary, so it makes sense as the place where you'd give a confession.”
    The lyrics are melodramatic, and draw that she acknowledge the absurdity of heartbroken, even though she knew this relationship didn’t warrant that kind of devastation.
    “I knew intellectually that my distress over the whole thing was probably silly but also knew I couldn't help the way I was feeling,” she explained. “I wanted the song to convey all of these emotions I wasn't able to reconcile—the disappointment of having this person not be who I thought they were and trying to deal with the fact that I was honestly heartbroken even though I knew this particular relationship didn't warrant that kind of devastation. Being able to transform this painful situation into something strange and beautiful—elevating it into art—made everything I was feeling easier to process. And it allowed me to get the upper hand—to actually gain something from the whole experience rather than just feeling the loss.”
  • source : Spotify
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