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  • Orla Gartland Releases Debut Album “Woman on the Internet”: Streaming

  • Irish singer-songwriter Orla Gartland released her long-awaited debut album “Woman on the Internet” on August 20, 2021 via her own label New Friends.
    The album comprises of 11-track. She wrote songs during the first lockdown of 2020 at her studio in Acton, and recorded in October at Devon's Middle Farm Studios with co-producer Tom Stafford and her own two-piece touring band.
    Orla Gartland said of the album, “When I was a few songs into writing the album it became clear that Woman on the Internet is about the chaos of my 20s. It's a different chaos to your late teens, such a different brand of angst. I feel so much more settled and sure of myself now than I was when I was 18 or 19 but I'm still just half the person I'm going to be and to capture that became really important.”
    She continued, “She's a caricature; a nameless, faceless figure telling me to eat better or buy some specific hair product; when I feel low I'm so vulnerable to questionable advice. The woman appears in these songs as someone I look to for guidance when it feels like n
  • The album title came from her two songs “More Like You” and “Pretending”.
    She told The Cut, “When we were recording in the studio, my co-producer would be like, 'Any ideas for the album name yet?' And I'd be like, 'Seems like a problem for future me.' I didn't know what it was going to be yet. Then when I was finally trying to think of titles, I had a really long list. I noticed that two songs made that reference to 'woman on the internet,' and I honestly had recorded both songs before I realized it was in both of them. In my head, [the woman on the internet] is like a Wizard of Oz — this advice guru that totally should not be giving someone advice. It's the kind of thing I would be totally susceptible to if I was just feeling alone or feeling bad or had low self-esteem. Like, inject it into my veins when I'm feeling low. I know I'm searching for something both metaphorically and literally [when I seek that out].”

  • Orla Gartland shared on social media";
    “🥲 my first album 'WOMAN ON THE INTERNET' is out now. firstly THANK YOU for being here, whether you're new or have stuck with me for years. the world moves so fast these days and artists don't get to choose who listens - having such a passionate, creative, funny, loyal audience feels like winning the lottery every day.
    a project like this takes a village and I am so grateful for mine ! I cannot tell you how hard everyone on this team worked to make this music with me, pouring so much of themselves into every detail and lifting me up constantly. there will be plenty of gushy posts about the writing & recording of these songs but for now THANK YOU! I love you all infinitely.
    I never say it (like.. never. my overly-humble Irishness does not allow it) but I'm really proud of myself. I made this thing ! and released it independently ! I feel like all of me is distilled in these songs and they say everything I want to say right now. last night I walked around and listened start to finish for the first time in months and was struck by the feeling that I wouldn't do a single thing differently.
    so here it is: my first full length, WOMAN ON THE INTERNET x”
  • source : Apple Music
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