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  • Sigrid Premieres New Song “Burning Bridges” on BBC Radio 1

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid premiered a new song “Burning Bridges” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Charli XCX.
    The song follows up “Mirror”, which was released for the first time in two years back in May.
    The track was written by Sylvester Sivertsen, Caroline Ailin and Sigrid.
    Sigrid told Charli XCX about the song, “The story behind burning bridges is. It's a song that I wanted to write because I needed one of those songs that talk about the moment where you do have to let go of something, and that can be hard, really hard. And there's a lot of emotions in this track, verse, some anger, there's relief, and I think you can hear that contrast. And musically, it's inspired by playing big pestles. I think you can hear that I was missing live, when we made the song. This is when was this, like, a year ago. Yeah, last summer. In the middle of everything when the only thing I could think about was when am I going to get back on stage.”
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    • udRAIF6MOm8

    She shared on social media, “so Burning Bridges was written by last summer in Copenhagen together with music wizards Caroline Ailin and Sylvester Sivertsen..we spent our days swimming and eating in our little studio bubble, and I guess that peaceful state of mind made it easier to dig into some really tough feelings. Burning Bridges is about the moment when you know you have to let go, and when you are listening to the song, I'm cool with it being anything you need it to be. I've said it before, but I really do love to write little reminder songs so myself and can be hard to let go things, so if I feel like it's just too much, I'll put on this songs and be like (aaah, that's why you're feeling that way and here's how you can deal with it if you need it). idk, it helps me:) I've also found out it's a great song for running in the woods, or walking to a meeting you're a bit nervous for, or power walking down the street. all self helps stuff aside hahaha - it's just a really sick song and I'm so proud of it. it's literally made for massive festival stages (Reading&Leeds get ready), so of course we had to ask an incredibly talented Swedish string orchestra to play it. I guess you can hear a mix between rock and scandi-pop in the middle of all the big live drums, clubby synths and that iiiintense bass (my fav) - and surprise, we were a full Scandi crew writings this: Caroline and I being Norwegian, and Sylvester being Danish.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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