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  • Oriah Releases New Song “You Done It Now”

  • Los Angeles-based alt-rock duo Oriah, consisting of vocalist Viktoriya Kosta and guitarist Tim Webb, has delivered a new song “You Done It Now” via streaming music services.
    The band said, “Things happen, you write about them, you pour your heart and soul into them, and then you give it and the meaning away. The song and the meaning is yours now. Enjoy.”
    The track features '70s earlier rock sound. Oriah told PureGrainAudio about creating process, “We quickly came up with the chords for the verse with an unplugged Strat and started writing lyrics to the the saucy grove. To be honest, this was the first track that we started writing with no real direction and was a complete combined effort. Like no one brought anything to the table. Just playing off each other. Chorus and little pre-chorus tags just fell into place and the bridge was an accident. Fully formed as a song in two hours and then it really revealed itself for what it really was once we started playing it out and noticing that it’s a real strutter of a vibe.”
  • The duo plans to release more single and their debut EP in 2020. “Releasing singles has ran its course for us currently. It feels a little cheap and not pushing us enough. We knew we wanted to release some singles from the start and not try to lock into an album or EP right away because we were evolving so fast in our writing styles and knew there would be an arc of development in our sound and writing styles as we continued. We have a huge influence of music and we felt like we couldn’t honestly even say what Oriah was at first but didn’t want to hold back because there is so much that is learned from making a single and taking things start to finish. And rewarding. Currently tracking an EP and it’s starting to take shape. Who knows though it may turn into a full album by the end of it.”
  • source : PureGrainAudio
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