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  • Echosmith Releases New Song “Lonely Generation”

  • Los Angeles-based pop band Echosmith announced their sophomore studio album “Lonely Generation” will be released on January 10, 2020. It is their first LP in 7 years.
    On October 15th, the band unveiled the title tune of the album with an accompanying music video directed by Danny Drysdale.
    The track is their first independent single on their label, Echosmith Music.
    "It can be so tough to figure out a balance of, 'OK, how much do I interact with people online and spend time scrolling?'... versus, 'How much time am I spending in real life without my phone or any type of electronics?'" lead singer Sydney Sierota told MTV News.
    "We're supposed to be so beyond connected," she added, "connected in kind of a crazy and sometimes scary way, but I find that I feel this way and that a lot of people I know feel like, man, I feel very lonely despite all of these different connections that I have on my phone."
    "['Lonely Generation’] is the representation of what social media is," Sydney Sierota said. "The song is very upbeat and actually sounds really happy with sort of a darker and more honest vulnerable message, and that's sometimes how it feels on Instagram. You see all these happy and amazing lives and highlight reels, and we don't really know what's going on behind that ... what's really going on in someone’s heart or their mind."
  • “When Echosmith first reached out to me to see if I would consider directing a video for each song on their new album, fascinated, I asked to hear the music first,” said Danny Drysdale, the video’s director, “Needless to say I was really moved by the tracks and was flooded with so many ideas. The songwriting and the emotion and message of the album just drew me in. I hurried and called them to say I was hooked, ‘let’s do this thing!’ When we got into the weeds of shooting and the nitty gritty creative, it was a miracle to find that we see the world in many of the same colorful, cool, absurd, and beautiful ways. We shot all these videos in various parts of Utah with an incredible team, and I gotta say that working with this band has been one of my most favorite projects. I can’t wait for you to go see the finished videos very soon and then direct the next 12. Hint, hint.”
  • source : MTV
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