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  • 2019-09-29
  • Allie X Releases New Song “Fresh Laundry”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Allie X released a new song “Fresh Laundry” on September 27th following her 2018 EP “Super Sunset”.
    She premiered two accompanying videos in 12 hours between the releases of the track.
    The first video features black-and-white image like an engaging fashion campaign, where she collaborated with Skeleton Crew. She said, “To me...a big part of fashion [is] an understanding of what is striking, but then refusing to follow any one school of thought or rule and instead making something new.”
    The second video was directed by Ssion, who filmed Allie X and a doll look-alike.
    She wrote the song in Sweden with producer Oscar Görres and James Alan Ghaleb.
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    Allie X said of the song, “Fresh Laundry was written on my very first day in Sweden ever, working with Oscar Gorres and James Alan Ghaleb. I remember the experience being pretty trippy, melodies and lyrics were flowing out of me, without me thinking too consciously about anything but feeling an emotional release. That day a new sound was born which ultimately guided my writing process for the next year. Fresh Laundry marked the beginning of something significant. Because of this new playground of sounds I finally felt able to tap into some feelings I had never been able to translate into song, and I have made music that feels more “me” than anything I have ever released.”
    She continued, “When I wrote this lyric I was thinking about the fresh scent and softness of a warm white towel after my mother did the laundry. I was thinking about how nice it would be to bury my head into a towel like that and breath it in. I was thinking about how I couldn't get my towels to smell or feel like that on my own. And I was thinking about how I couldn't go home. This is a song about longing for things you can't have.”
  • source : L'Officiel
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