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  • Madonna Releases New Album “Madame X”: Streaming

  • The Queen of pop, Madonna released her fourteenth studio album “Madame X” on June 14, 2019. It is her first album in four years.
    The album features guest appearances from Maluma, Quavo, Swae Lee, Anitta and Maluma.
    “Madame X” is the name she says Martha Graham gave her when she acted up in dance class. Martha Graham said to her "Everyday you come to school and i don’t recognize you. Everyday you change your identity, you’re someone else, you’re a mystery to me. I’m gonna give you a new name, Madame X."
    The album features different sounds like Latin music, African music, Hip-Hop, Gospel music, pop. Also she re-recorded “Beautiful Game” (2018) as “Dark Ballet” for the album.
    Produced by Mirwais, Diplo, Mike Dean, Billboard, Jason Evigan and Madonna herself.
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    She said of the work with Mirwais, “I was amazing. I mean I hadn’t worked with him probably in about seven years and so it was not, I wasn’t sure whether he was gonna like the direction I was gonna go, that I wanted to go in. And I sent him some music, some Portuguese guitar that I had sampled from a living room session and I said “What do you think you can do with this?”, and he wrote me back the next day, couple days later, and he already had added an 808 to it and gave it a beat and cut it up and turned it into something amazing. So I knew we were on the same wavelength and whenever we work together, he’s very, he’s a very intelligent guy. He’s very philosophical, very educated, very cultured, and very political. So inevitably all of our work will end up becoming those things and so I’m very inspired by his intelligence and
    hopefully vice versa.”
    She will embark on the Madame X Tour in support of the album in 2019 and 2020. The tour is taken place at the all-theatre and kicks off at Howard Gilman Opera House in New York City on September 12th. It will conclude at Le Grand Rex in Paris on March 1, 2010.
  • source : Rolling Stone
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