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  • 2018-11-10
  • Matt Simons Premieres New Music Video for “Amy's Song”

  • Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Matt Simons has shared a new music video for “Amy's Song”.
    The song is inspired by Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Amy Kuney's real-life experiences around being gay.
    Matt Simons co-wrote the song with Amy Kuney.
    The one-take video features Kuney along with 40 people from the LGBTQ+community standing in solidarity.
    The video was directed by Kris Pouw and Cyrion Willems co-directed it.
    “Amy’s song is very special to me. It’s my story as a gay woman who grew up in a very conservative Christian environment where being gay was considered a ‘choice’ and an abomination,” Amy Kuney said. “I know that thousands of others experience this, or similar struggles and I hope this song can offer comfort and hope to them. I also pray that the song raises a tough question for those who are so fearful and close minded that they can’t understand the love they condemn. 'Does their god really give a damn?' Matt Simons could have written a song about anything else on the day we met to collaborate, but he selflessly helped me write my own story and he’s using his voice and platform so that people will hear it. For that, I’m forever grateful.”
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    Matt Simons said of the song:
    “I first met Amy (Ames Music) in a studio in Silverlake, Los Angeles. We had a writing session scheduled and we needed a topic to write about. So, as songwriters do we started discussing the goings-on in our lives to try and find some inspiration. Amy told us about how she was dating a woman whose parents are so strictly religious, if they found out about the two of them being together, they would disown their own daughter. It also brought up memories of Amy’s own experiences with intolerance and her family/community not accepting her for who she is. We decided to write about that. This is Amy’s Song.”
  • source : Billboard
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