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  • 2018-08-31
  • Sunshine Riot Premieres New Song “Go For A Ride” on SoundCloud

  • Boston-based rock band Sunshine Riot has delivered a new song “Go For A Ride” from their upcoming third studio album "Lonely Hotel".
    The song is the second single off, following the previously released song "Interstate".
    Frontman Jonny O. said of the song, “Go for a Ride is kind of an old school love song in the midst of a record that is dominated almost exclusively by anti-love songs. One of the unique effects of America’s size, is the ‘small town’ phenomenon – that sense of isolation and yearning to escape. We wanted to write a song that ties the innocence of love, particularly love in one’s youth, with that desire to break out. Basically, we wrote a song about every John Cougar Mellencamp record ever made.”

  • The new album comprises of 12-track and is set to be released on September 21, 2018. It is their first LP in three years.
    This time, the band worked with 19-time Grammy nominated producer George Dussault at Galilee Studios in Cumberland RI.
    They created the sound of their roots again on the new album.
    Jonny O. told Middle Tennessee Music about the album, "Our previous sounds were tending towards the general, trying to find out what we wanted to sound like. We’ve come full circle on this one I think. We started with a specific punk sound, a sound you will not find on anything but our old YouTube songs. Then we went broad, and now I think we’ve come back around again to a specific sound that is ours, but still eclectic. We never want to bludgeon anyone with 10 songs that have the same feel or emotion. We want to have a human album."
  • source : Pancakes And Whiskey
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