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  • Loren Gray Releases New Song “Piece Of Work”

  • Back in March, American singer-songwriter Loren Gray joined in Los Angeles-based electro-pop trio TELYkast's “Nobody To Love”.
    Following the song, she released a new song “Piece Of Work” along with a music video on July 9, 2021.
    The song is her first single as an independent artist after leaving Virgin Records and Capitol Records.
    Loren Gray said of her new project, “The new era of Loren is really special to me because I feel like it's the first time that I've felt empowered through my music. I've been through a lot throughout my music journey. I've been creating music since I was 15 now, so about four years. And I feel like I've been put in a box pretty often, and I've been told how to make music and what my image should be and what I should sound like, and this new music is the first time that I've felt empowered enough, and I hope that it can empower other people as well. So in comparison to my past music, I think what sets this music apart is that it's authentically me and it's also an older sound. It's more mature, it's sexier, it's more fun. And I think that you'll able to hear my voice rather than whoever else's voice coming through the songs. And it's all coming from me, which is really, really special.”
  • She continued, “So that's something that I really hope is to incorporate in my own music and that I've been experimenting with. But in terms of the sound, the dance, obviously Britney, early Rihanna. And I would say those have been may main, references for this project, but of course we have some like tock elements with some really cool guitars and we also have a lot of cool dance breaks, which is something that I feel like I haven't heard a lot in music recently. So I'm super excited for that and I'm really excited to perform these songs. So I feel like I'm viewing this part of my music journey as an era because previously all of my music has been single after single, after single with no real consistency, just kind of throwing things at the wall and seeing if they stuck, but this, I think I've gotten time to take a step back and be independent and feel independent and see the bigger picture. And it feels like a moment rather than just throwing something out into the world.”
  • source : Spotify
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