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  • Tate McRae Releases New EP “TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD”, Drops New Music Video for “bad ones”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Tate McRae released her sophomore EP “TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD” along with a new music video for “bad ones” directed by Tate McRae herself.
    The EP comprises of 6-track, including preceding singles “you broke me first”, “r u ok”, “rubberband” and “slower”.
    Produced by Andrew Goldstein, Blake Harnage, Frequency, Greg Kurstin, Lowell, NALIYA, Russ Chell and Sir Nolan.
    “[The title] TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD is cool because it kind of negates everything I say in the songs,” Tate McRae told Apple Music. “I sing about intense heartbreak and how much I care about things, but the title is like, 'Yeah...but I don't have time to think about all that. I've got to live my life.'”
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    Tate McRae explained track-by-track for the EP.
    “bad ones”
    “This funny, because I've been sitting on this one for a long time like since before the pandemic and it was like this really simple song that I wrote by myself in a room look like a one producer and I think it was because I was like talking to due at the time that I was just like really in my field about this boy who was full-on playing me. We left it for like a year or something a year and half, and then my producer Blake who did you broke me first he's like one of my favorites, so we got him to like redo the song and he basically just like created this whole another vibe and made it literally sound like a cinematic movie.”

    “We wanted to get across — there's this thing that people do, when they snap a rubber band it's usually to overcome something and whether that's an addiction or if that's depression or anxiety or anything, it's something that you fidget with.”

    “This one's so funny because I wrote this when I was 14, and I loved it. But the problem is, when you sit on a song for two years, it becomes really stale and you just hate it. That's what kind of happened with this song. So my team pulled it out again and were like, 'We should listen to this one again.' And I was like, 'No, no, no. I don't like it, and I sound super squeaky on it. I sound like I'm 14.' We reproduced the whole thing. I rewrote a few lyrics and I recorded it in my 17-year-old voice, and it sounded completely different.”

  • “​r u ok”
    “'r u ok' is a song that I never thought I'd write. It has a very sassy and feisty tone, which made it a challenge to dive into that perspective – as I think I'm quite the opposite. I love that in this song there is a lot of emotional meaning behind the lyrics, with very trappy, bright and contrasting production at the same time.”

    “you broke me first”
    “This song is about someone in a relationship who couldn't care less for the other person and then 6 months later decides to crawl back. It's the feeling of knowing how much they meant to you, but this time not letting them back in.”

    “wish i loved you in the 90s”
    “I have like this thing in my brain that I just wish I lived in a different time area. I think that's honestly just because of social media na d everything like phones and the whole shebang, I feel like relationships are more superficial, I feel like things online just don't feel like real life to me sometimes, but I have this like idea in my head that living in like the 80s or 90s to be like the best, even if it wouldn't be I just have this idea in my brain, I'm not getting rid of it. I was just imagining like I'm like how would a boy walk to it like now guys will text you and be like I'm here. And If lived a different diver where you didn't have phones, they 'd have to like walk up to your door and give you flowers or they's have to like open the door and face your parents like there's that whole other idea that I feel like our generation is completely missed out on. So I started to write a song about it.”
  • source : Apple Music
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