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  • Drax Project Releases New Song “Over It”

  • New Zealand pop-band Drax Project, consisting of Sam Thomson, Shaan Singh, Matt Beachen and Ben O'Leary released a new song “Over It” on March 18, 2021.
    The track follows up "Tukituki Te Manawa", which was released last December.
    It was written by Shaan Singh, Samuel Thomson, Matthew Beachen, Jordan Palmer, Brandon Colbein and Benjamin O'Leary. Produced by Drax Project and Jordan Palmer.
    “We wrote Over It on Halloween 2019 in Los Angeles so we've had it in the bank for a while,” Drax Project said of the song. “We had this session with Jordan Palmer and Brandon Colbein booked in for ages, and we were super hyped. We had worked with them before on our song Relax and they're just dope. Ben had that guitar line that's in the song ready to go (he had written it a couple days before). He recorded it first on Jordans nylon string guitar. After that we went straight into making the hook. Just vibed on the hook lyrics for an hour or so. Wondering why this person keeps coming back after you ended a relationship. You're tryna get over them, but you still vibe with them so it's hard to let go. Then we decided to go full pop and make a drop, the guitar line just felt so good doubled with the vocals. Bing bang boom you got a fresh little pop banga.”
  • The band continued, “Some side story, our label 300 Entertainment hit us up and said Megan Thee Stallion was having a party and we should go. So we kept leaving the session and coming back cause we were trying to find costumes so we could get into Megan's party. We got there and it got shut down when we were in the line, so we went to this super old diner across the road and just ate food till like 3am looking like 4 vampires. The food was amazing and we were just having a crack up time. Pretty good day over all. Covid came, then we came back to NZ. Recorded most of the vocals again in our studio, re-wrote all the verses and some of the melodies in the hook. Just tried to get it 👌 So that's the story.”
  • source : Spotify
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