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  • Raz Releases New Song “One Time for Your Mind”

  • Canadian rapper Raz unveiled a new song “One Time for Your Mind” with accompanying music video on January 15, 2021.
    The song follows up “Be Okay”, which was released last September.
    This time, he worked with Toronto-based record producer Taabu. The video was co-directed by Ali Gilani and Raz.
    Raz said, “'One Time for Your Mind' was born out of a simple instrumental I wrote with Taabu to use for an Instagram freestyle. Revisiting the track a few months after we came up with it, I realized just how much emotion and power Taabu had built into it. A previous demo I had made provided the concept and lyrical inspiration for the song you hear today, a milestone for me as a vocalist.”
  • “I really wanted to capture a mood of frustration and feeling held down in the verses, contrasted by an explosion of relief, release and freedom in the choruses. This rollercoaster of emotions is how I've felt for years while fighting against expectations and societal norms. It has been a battle to find myself and live a life that makes me feel fulfilled,” he explained about the song. “We all have that one element that makes us feel like our truest selves. That's the true freedom in the midst of a world that pushes us into boxes and creates expectations that end up shaping who we are everyday. Holding onto what makes you unique in the throes of chaos is the most important thing.”
    He added, “This song was written to motivate you to go after the things that make you truly happy with everything you got. It is the soundtrack for being ready to fight for who you are in the face of anyone, or anything, that tells you that you should be someone else.”
  • source : SoundCloud
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