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  • somegirlnamedanna Releases Debut EP “twenty one, twenty two”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter somegirlnamedanna released her debut EP “twenty one, twenty two” on July 31, 2020 via LAVA/Republic Records.
    The EP contains 6-track, produced by David Quiñones, Johnny Black, Josh Ronen, and Benjamin Jonson.
    somegirlnamedanna said of the EP, “'twenty one, twenty two' represents the journey that the last year has taken me on: the ups and downs, and the love and the heartbreak. To me, this ep has been about self-discovery and the path to self-acceptance. I think it's easy to forget that people are not living the perfect lives portrayed on social media, and these songs were inspired by the real challenges and downswings that many of us face behind the screen. I want people to remember they are not alone in these times and I hope we continue to display our vulnerabilities and traits that make us human in popular culture.”
    She explained track by track for the EP below.
  • “hello i am”
    “This is my story, how I grew up, my life, and everything up to this point. I wanted to say this before anything else. hello, i am anna and I can't wait to meet you.”

    ​“kitchen table”
    “The kitchen table growing up is where so many important moments happened—talking with my family about anything from how my day was to some of the most defining moments of my life. The sense of connection and support I needed all happened when we were sitting there together. For me, that kitchen table reminds me of the people I love and where I came from, and it holds so many memories that I look back on.”

    “seriously just stop”
    “We shot the 'seriously just stop' music video during quarantine, making sure to be safe with proper protocol. I wanted this music video to feel empowering and show my personality, to convey how I felt when I wrote the song. I had a lot of fun channeling that same attitude I wrote this song with during the video shoot too. I'm pretty sure my cat Bean (furry co-star) did the same.”

    “[It is] about being separated by thousands of miles, and wanting to be with someone, but it just isn't even close to reality. I wrote this from a place of hope, almost a dream state wanting something that doesn't feel realistic. I wanted the video to really feel like a dream, you get these flashes of someone you want and you have no idea where they are or what they are doing. Are they thinking of you at the same time you are thinking of them? There is a little mystery to all of it.”
  • source : The 360 Magazine
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