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  • Alaina Castillo Releases New EP “the voicenotes”: Streaming

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Alaina Castillo released her second EP “the voicenotes” on April 24th. She recorded the The EP in English and Spanish.
    The EP contains 4-track, featuring '90s R&B vibe and modern sound like Billie Eilish.
    Alaina Castillo said of the EP, “the voicenotes ep is a vulnerable step into overthinking, stressing & learning to let things go. each song has something to do with a part of me that stays hidden most of the time but can only come out and when i’m singing and not having to think about what i’m saying. it’s all the moments i took my thoughts to the voicenotes on my phone and just said what i was feeling super quick so that i could get it out there. i wanted to make something like this because everyone goes through their own shit but it’s the moving on process and the forgiving process that is important. life is gonna suck sometimes but having music to help you through those moments is what really matters in the end.”
    On June 15th, she dropped a new music video for “pass you by”.
    She explained each song of the EP below.
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    ​“just a boy”
    “'Just A Boy' came from a part of my mind that was overthinking and doubting. I had trust issues. I've had ups and downs in love and sometimes it clouds my vision. The song is about having all of those doubts at once and deciding whether it's worth giving them a second thought. It's the moment when you decide to either trust someone or end things end badly and let it cast a shadow on all your future relationships. I wanted to share that torment with people, but also let them know that it's okay to leave stuff in the past and move on, either with or without the person.”

    “pass you by”
    “This song is like, a little message to myself, to just kind of live in the moment, because a lot of time there’s like, this amazing things that are happening ‘round us and we don’t really realize it because we are all very anxious or just things that are staying in our mind and just kind of blinding us from seeing the good of the situation.”

    ​​“sad girl”
    “The reason that I wrote this song was because the day that we were in the studio like, when this kind of happened and everyone thought about it, I just posted a TikTok and it was like my first TikTok and, people were kind of mean and you know like those things that affects that you wish like, wouldn’t affect you, this was that scenario for me so… because I don’t like to, like, duel on, you know, the bad opinions of others but it came really helped, so “sad girl” came to be because I wanted to talk about how I was feeling without really giving the attention to the people who were like, giving me all those… the hate and stuff like that, so we tried to kind of mix in a beauty to the darkness so that is not putting somebody down but saying “you don’t have to be sad alone, we can help each other, we can get through this together, like, is all good.”

    “I wrote this song basically because like, you know whenever you texting somebody over social media, you’re talking to them and stuff, it doesn’t always— the message doesn’t quite get across very clear so, this song was just kind of, like, my overthinking head going to the worst conclusions and just jumping out the boat there, just to find out in the end that I didn’t have to stressed out like that.”

  • source : Apple Music
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