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  • We Three Releases New Album “Dear PARANOIA, Sincerely Me”: Streaming

  • American alt-pop trio We Three, consisting of Joshua Humlie, Bethany Blanchard and Manny Humlie, released their sophomore album “Dear PARANOIA, Sincerely Me” on May 1, 2020. It is their first album in two years since their self-titled debut album.
    The album contains 16-track including the lead single “i wanna love somebody”.
    “This album is about dealing with the trauma from your childhood as an adult and learning how important it is to find your normal and be the best at that,” Manny Humlie said of the album. “I’ve been really into all of the personality tests, but I never fully felt like I fit into one. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have tons of learned traits and fears from my childhood that keep me from feeling okay. We all want to better ourselves, and to do that we have to know who we are and what we believe. That is really the true inspiration for the songs on this record.”
  • The trio told HollywoodLife about what difference is between their debut album and the new album.
    Manny Humlie said, “Sometimes, you have an idea that you know will work, but when you’re working with a bunch of other people, you’re not hands-on and pressing the buttons yourself. You can’t get what you wanted down and actually recorded, and I think that happened a lot on the first record where things got settled. There were a whole lot of things that got created on this album that wouldn’t have been there. This record was way more hands-on. We’re taking the time to get in there and create the sound as it actually was and where it needed to be.”
    Bethany Blanchard said, “I think it was not just in the studio being created. A big portion was being created in Manny’s bedroom, which I thought was really cool. It was a lot more hands-on.”
    Joshua Humlie said, “Better songwriting and arranging overall, too.”
    Bethany Blanchard continued, “We felt like there wasn’t limits this time. When we heard what it was, we didn’t settle, and we went after it.”
    Manny Humlie added, “The other thing is that there was a sea of songs to pick from. The last album we were kind of scrambling to get all 12 songs, and these were more handpicked.”
  • source : Hollywoodlife
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