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  • AURORA Shares New song “A Different Kind Of Human”

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA approached to create her second album consisting of two EPs called “Infections of a Different Kind (Step 1)” and “A Different Kind of Human (Step 2)”.
    The first chapter was released in 2018, the second chapter will be released on June 7, 2019.
    To date she has released "Animal", "The Seed" and "The River" from “A Different Kind of Human (Step 2)”.
    On May 31st, the fourth single “A Different Kind Of Human” arrived. The song is reminiscent of "Adiemus" by Karl Jenkins.
    She told Notion about the album in an interview, “Every album I make is a bridge between the album that comes before, and the album I know will come after. I am moved by native music, ancient music, and I’m very inspired by Native American and African music, Norwegian folk music and quite a lot of Japanese folk music. I’ve had those quite close to my heart for a long time and, with every album I make, the perspective is becoming bigger.”
  • She continued, “My first album was a lot about looking inwards and working with your own demons, becoming a warrior for yourself. All in all, it’s about becoming a warrior for the people that can’t be a warrior for themselves yet, so that’s why it’s important that this album felt like it was sent to a different kind of human. It has this mix of the ancient and futuristic because we are in a very interesting time now, as humans; we are trying to learn how to live with the world, the technology, with us, and trying to balance it all in harmony.”
  • source : Notion
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