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  • AURORA Releases New Song “To Be Alright”

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA will release her fourth studio album “What Happened To The Earth?” next Friday (June 7) via Decca, Glassnote and Petroleum Records.

    AURORA conceived the album as a cathartic process.
    She wrote and recorded the album between Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.
    She worked with Ane Brun, Matias Tellez, Tom Rowlands, Chris Greatti, Dave Hamelin and Magnus Skylstad on its production.

    AURORA said of the album, "What happened to the heart? is a journey from weakness to strength, from self-destruction to self-healing. A poignant and introspective musical journey that explores the loss of spiritual connection in modern society, the healing power of vulnerability, and the call to ignite change through reuniting the heart with politics and personal growth."
  • She continued, “Though its precise function and anatomy were not clearly understood, the heart was believed to be the centre of the soul. Of intuition. Of emotion and intention. Until we decided these were qualifications of the mind. Emotion overpowered by logic. And with the world being so corrupted by money, power and selfishness you cannot help but ask yourself - what happened to the heart?”.

    From the album, she released the fourth single called “To Be Alright” on May 31, 2024.
    The track was written by AURORA, Matias Tellez, and The Earth. Produced by Matias Tellez and Aurora Aksnes.

    AURORA told Dork about the song, “Of all the major chord songs, it fits the album the most. If that makes sense. It's the wish to feel better, but using the wrong remedies. One of the last stages before the problem becomes all-consuming.”

  • Photo by Wanda Martin
  • source : Apple Music
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