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  • JC Stewart Premieres New Song “Hey Babe, I'm A Mess, I'm Sorry” on BBC Radio 1

  • Northern Irish singer-songwriter JC Stewart is back. He premiered a new song “Hey Babe, I'm A Mess, I'm Sorry” on BBC Radio 1's Future Pop with Jodie Bryant.

    The song is his first music in two years and is the first release as an independent artist after leaving Warner Records.
    The track was written and produced by JC Stewart and Mark Shick.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Jackson Ducasse.

    JC Stewart said of the song, “This new music is very much about deconstructing a state of mind I fell into after years of trying to be something, or perhaps many things, that I wasn't. As a result there were a lot of painful truths that I unearthed and fell out into these songs, the first of which is just around the corner. Being vulnerable in this way is a little bit frightening, even embarrassing sometimes, but I can also safely say that I am so proud of what has come out of it and I believe it is by far the best music I have ever made.”
  • He continued, “2 years in the making. 2 years where I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to do this again. 2 years where I got to make my favourite work that I've ever made. I've said it before and I'll say it again - this feels like the start of something new. To everyone who has stayed with me after all the time I took out, I can't thank you enough and I hope you enjoy.”

    JC Stewart told The Official Charts about the song, “Do you know what? This song wasn't even meant to come out. For a long time, this was the song I wrote that kind of lead me into...writing other songs. But this was just a song for me. Then, I played it for friends who liked it, we developed it a bit and my new team unanimously said they'd love to help me put this out as the first thing we do together. I actually, now, think this is exactly the right move.”

  • He said of an independent artist, “The big machine has its positives and its negatives, you know. I had a good time at [Warner, JC's former label] and then I had a bit of a tough time. It came to an end mutually, I would say, from all sides, then I left my old management at the same time. I didn't straight away go and hire anyone new or write anything new, I guess I had to discover I really wanted to put myself [through it] again. I thought about all these different versions of the person I could be...then I realised that had been the problem the entire time.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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