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  • Florrie Releases New Song “Never Far From Paradise”

  • London-based pop singer-songwriter Florence Arnold, aka Florrie will release her upcoming debut album “The Lost Ones” on June 14, 2024.

    On May 17, she unveiled the third and last single called “Never Far From Paradise” from the album.
    The track was written by Ben Taylor, Brian Higgins, Clara McHugh, Florrie Arnold, Jason Resch, Keir MacCulloch, Kyle Mackenzie, Owen Parker, and Sarah Thompson. Produced by Florrie, Brian Higgins, and Ben Taylor.

    Florrie said of the song, “I wrote Never Far From Paradise looking back on a difficult period of time in my life, in a way giving advice to the person I was then, reminding them that even in what feel like the darkest times, there's always a light around the corner. I wanted to capture a feeling of optimism and euphoria in the production, to counteract the more poignant lyrics, and I hope that's what people take away from the track when they listen. It's my favourite track to play live, there's something really powerful about singing and drumming this one together!”
  • The accompanying music video was shot by Archie Campbell and edited by Joe Desantis.
    In the clip, she is running through a city and ending up in the idyllic countryside, reaching a place of freedom to reflect the journey within the lyrics.

    “I always imagined running to and from something when I was writing this song. Running from the past, from the things or people that hold you back, from the secrets that you tell no-one, and running back to yourself, to a place where you can feel some peace, to somewhere where nobody can find you.”

  • Florrie shared on social media, “The last song before the album comes out on June 14th and you'll have a whole world of music to get into. It's a song about resilience, holding on to hope, feeling imperfect and knowing that that's what makes you unique and a HUMAN BEING (and actually pretty interesting), and most of all believing that there are always better days ahead.”
  • source : Apple Music
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